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  1. Romeo,
    Do you still have any of the pictures from Fletcher?
    We were together there in 1993.

    I am glad to see that you are now in Alaska.

    I live in Zambia and am teaching at the University of Zambia

    1. Sam, it’s only now that I saw your message. Actually, since my friend created this webpage for me, I didn’t have the time to get myself familiar with it until I forgot how to operate it. And I’ve been too busy since I moved to the US after our stint at the Fletcher, maybe several yeas after. Now, I’m here in Alaska, in a small village that is closer to the North Pole. Photos we have during our time in Fletcher I’ve left them in the Philippines. I’ll try to search my file here if there are some photos that I might have brought with me. I will get in touch with you again. As of now, I’m happy to have connected with you. Romeo

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